It’s not easy to classify “Dolly’s Bible”, it is not a thriller and even less a fantastique novel. If elements of these different genres can be found throughout our story, much like our own life is itself made of different moments, Dolly’s is first and foremost what can be described as an Urban Legend in the sense that legends are born in a strange but familiar universe, where legends come back to life, a stone throw from Los Angeles, in another world which is in fact not so far from ours. Maybe it IS our world? With some things hidden behind the things which, from weariness or lack of time, we don’t really have the ability to perceive.


We have deliberately chosen to gather various characters: invented characters or those whose thoughts could be anyone’s, yours, ours ; and characters who existed and have marked the last century, with the likes of James Dean, Steve McQueen, Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon and others (in “Dolly’s Bible”, they are still alive).\r\n\r\nFinally, in this story, some people from real life can also be found, to whom we offer the roles of novel heroes. Therefore in volume 1, the reader will discover Lucie de Merival, a French bookshop owner better known as Lucie Merval, and Gerald Marvel aka Gerard Collard, another extra-terrestrial bookshop owner who needs no introduction, his “permanent residency” in the French media being so frequent. In “Dolly’s Bible”, Gerard Collard is a bookshop owner/protester, keeper of the treasures of literature, but moreover he embodies a rebel leader and it fits him like a glove.

“Dolly’s Bible” is conceived as a series, the three volumes of which break down into 7 days. Through the successive chapters of the three volumes, the film of a lifetime unfolds, with an ending which is at the very least surprising, and will take us back to pure reality. It will turn out that the story of “Dolly’s Bible” is none other than the vision of an uncommon character. But hush…

“Dolly’s Bible” could also be described as a book about the power of dreams, about emotions and thoughts, about the hard hope for the long haul according to René Char and the expectation to be happy, if only for a split second.

Out of this great friendship which makes brothers out of Fabio and I, we have sailed for eighteen months in this other world in which we invite you with impatience.
Lulled by the intense emotions we felt when watching “Twin Peaks”, “Blade Runner” or “Shining”, we wanted to pay tribute our own way to these films or series which made us dream starry eyed.

The first reviews of Dolly’s Bible speak of an U.L.O. (Unidentified Literary Object) and indeed we like the idea. Some people say that it is exciting and stirring. So let’s keep these two words we find quite nice and so close to our state of mind.

We sincerely think, for a thousand and one reasons that “Dolly’s Bible” can appeal to very different readers. Simply because we tell the tale of a life, the story of ordinary people and special people. And we are all in turn a bit ordinary and a bit special.
Last but not least, writing the film of an entire life remains our obsession.
It just so happens, that even though it is not always considerate toward Men, there is still quite a large number of us who love life.\r\nWhat more can we say other than offering to climb aboard our Greyhound and lose control in our company.
With or without you, we will go all the way…

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